Friday, August 2, 2013

Books, Movies, Movies,... Life!

My absolute, all-time favorite line from a movie - in this case from a television series - comes from the lips of Sawyer in LOST and it goes something like this, "Woman! What are you trying to do? Blow up my damn heart?" (In this particular episode, Sawyer has been booby-trapped - he thinks - with an explosive device that will detonate when his heart rate goes above a certain speed and at the time of using the delectable phrase, his love interest, Kate, is trying to, er, raise his heart rate.

I've been using that one liner a lot lately. I'm going in for a procedure to , blah, blah, blah, eliminate an extra electrical pathway in my heart to blah,blah, prevent "blowin' up my damn heart!" :o) Laughter truly is the best medicine, well, provided I don't raise my heart rate enough to blow up my damn heart. (See? I chuckle every time I say it, er, write it.)

Anyhoo, this blog installment is gonna be short and sweet, and it is dedicated to all of the FABULOUS movie and novel one-liners!

I'd love to hear your favorites. Most of mine come from LOST. (Yes, I thought they were writing geniuses right up until the end of the series.) But now, some of my favorites come from the TV series PSYCH and BIG BANG! Okay, bring on your one-liners and give me a chuckle while I recuperate.

Oh, and I've got a new novella up at Amazon. It's called FLIPPIN' THE BIRD. Maybe you'll find a couple of one-liners in there!


  1. I have one from a TV series, "Obviously fear is not a factor for you" You got this, Sophie. Be well and hurry back.

  2. The first line that jumped to my mind was the classic line from Sudden Impact (one of the Dirty Harry movies) delivered by Harry/Clint Eastwood: "Go ahead, make my day." (That tells you where my head is this morning! :-) It's a perfect line for the character, the scene, etc. (Let us all know how you're doing, Sofie!)

  3. "Ship-shape and bristol fashion" - The Ghost and Mrs. Muir - and that's how I'm feeling! Thanks.