Friday, December 27, 2013

Every Day is Christmas by Tina Glasneck

"I recognize that in my frailty is strength
and in my strength is purpose."
When I heard the crunching metal and the cars breaking, combined with a child’s screams, I felt helpless. For that moment, I thought of all of the things that I could have done better; the words that should never have been spoken, the patience I never should have lost. I thought of the flippant thoughts, as I stumbled and fell.
The car gunned forward, speeding towards me, changing gears faster than I could blink.

I don’t know how my legs whisked me away, out of danger, as if carried on the wings of angels. I felt the newness, as I attempted to swallow, and visibly shook.

Lessons are not always learned, but when they are, we come to understand them as second chances; second chances to do better, and be better. We come to understand them to be the moments that caused our metamorphosis.

Metal pieces flew, windows crashed, glass panes broke. Only shards and shells remained.

What could I say to relieve the horror witnessed when only the broken shards remained behind?  This year, I’d stumbled often…I’d wished to give up, to let go of fanciful dreams, and then something happened. Something sparked and made the gift so much better.

When the Christmas lights twinkle and illuminate the night, I feel a sense of joy. The lights represent the season, and it combines with the time of the Winter Solstice. In the Judeo-Christian traditions, December is the month of celebrating. And the activities available, as people are cheerful, more courteous and a smile is not foreign on a strangers lips.

Today, I take with me, and hold it close, that Christmas doesn’t have to be only one time of year, it can be my every day, where I appreciate the beauty that every twenty-four hours gives; truly appreciate what it means to be alive, and experience the heaven on this earth. Today, I cherish the moments I have instead of pining for moments I might never achieve, and breathe in knowing that for this one moment, I am more than grateful to be alive, I am happy.

As we countdown to 2014, and I sign off on 2013, I hope that my honesty has resonated within you, and that you too will take hold and know that it only takes a spark to start a fire. Wishing you many blessing during this holiday season, and may your 2014 bring you the metamorphosis you desire, filled with an abundance of happiness, hope and laughter.
TINA GLASNECK enjoys living a fearless life. She's learned to appreciate what it means to wear different hats, juggle her responsibilities, and still remain sane in a sometimes insane world. When she is not writing, researching or otherwise working, she can be found pondering the meaning of life, and trying to find interesting ways to kill it.  The question isn't if the way of death is plausible, but how can she make it more interesting. Her new book, Angels Cry, is scheduled for release on December 31st. 
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  1. Merry Christmas to you, Tina. Blessings come to us in many ways and it's with joy that I read your recognition of this fact. May you be granted the power and energy to make your wishes come true in 2014. Bright Blessings, Tina!

  2. You inspire me with your strength and drive, Tina. Echoing Denise's wishes for a blessed 2014!

  3. Happy, very safe, New Year. I love Oprah's saying: When we know better, we do better.