Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall TV Living Up to Expectations?


Last month I talked about the shows I was most looking forward to. Now, an accounting to see if the shows lived up to my expectations.

Scandal: Shonda Rhimes and company did not disappoint. It was a riveting hour full of intelligent writing, great scenes and OMG moments.

Scandal was just named the #1 Twitter TV show, based on Nielsen statistics and its premiere was watched by 11 million people. If you're not watching--and I don't understand why you aren't--Season 1 is available on Netflix. Get started. :-)

Sleepy Hollow: I am loving this show. It's fun and entertaining with clever writing and incredible chemistry between the leads. Last week's episode had Crane wondering if he needed to change his look to fit the period, which leads me to believe a make-over is coming. And I can't wait. Tom Mison is a good-looking man who needs to be liberated from his 18th century hair and uniform. It's already been picked up for a second season, but the first season only got an original order of 13 episodes, so it'll be a long wait in between.

As an author of interracial romance, it does my heart good to see the interracial pairings (BW/WM) on TV. Between Scandal, Sleepy Hollow and the Tomorrow People (best friends) fans of interracial relationships aren't relegated to niche fiction on the internet.

What new shows have caught your attention this Fall?

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  1. Still haven't seen Scandal, but thanks to Alexa and now you, I'm getting closer to that date with Netflix! But I do LOVE Sleepy Hollow. Love the Crane character. Did you see the scene a couple weeks ago where he's talking "love" with the Onstar-like woman? Too, too funny. I love the writing. Haven't even heard of Tomorrow People, so I'm definitely way behind the curve on that one! But hey, I'm still watching 24 for the first time!

  2. LOL! Leah, you crack me up. The great thing about TV now is that you can watch your favorites, or discover new ones, at any time.
    That scene with the Onstar operator was hilarious. I can't wait until they cut his hair. He is too gorgeous for that 18th century 'do. ;-)