Monday, June 10, 2013

Virtual World Writer's and Reader's Colony

This is a Writer's and Reader's Colony I am hosting at Nara's Nook-- a group of virtual world regions I maintain. I have been teaching authors how to access and use the wonderful resources available in virtual worlds for some time now. In launching my own virtual worlds I give authors and readers who are new to the metaverse a controlled, supportive environment where they can explore and learn. 

This is the Tea and Strumpets Bookshop in the writers colony. 

Hmm. that sign looks awfully familiar. 

Yes, that's the W3 gang with our new blog name. We changed the header here at the blog too. Did you notice? One of many changes you can expect to see this summer. Keep an eye here on the blog and we'll explain more in the coming weeks.

As you can see, we're still moving in and getting set up. The official opening for the colony is set for the fourth of July, but if you like watching a project come together, you are welcome to wander in and wander around.  I'll have instructions on how to create an account and get into the colony at Nara's Nook Blog on Friday. I'll try to corral any rogue dragons, characters and killer zombies before then. I'll definitely make sure Rob is on a leash. Keep an eye on the Nook blog for details about all the cool features and tools I'll be making available to visitors. 

This is an author display I'm putting together. We have the typical cover posters (you're welcome to take copies to hang in your virtual office). There on top of the large shelf is a video display terminal you can click to surf my author web page at Click any of the books on the shelf and it n deliver a blurb, excerpt, and links to book pages at the publisher or Amazon. It's even possible to do your shopping right there and have the books delivered to e-reader, tablet, or computer in the format of your choice.

And finally, here is the reader lounge and stage for author talks. I put a fresh virtual journal out on that big table in the middle. Be sure and take a copy when you visit. Every new virtual world explorer needs a journal  for recording all their fantastic adventures. 

I look forward to seeing you all in the colony.

~Nara Malone


  1. How cool is this?! I can't wait for your colony to open its doors!

  2. This is awesome, Nara! So excited about the new virtual bookstore venue and thank for the updates to the blog. I'm new to all this virtual world jazz and feeling jazzed about exploring it (with your expert guidance). Thanks for the opportunity and all the hard work I'm sure went into it.

  3. Oh, my stars, is that my book on the easel? The one saying "Most Wanted"? That's too cool!

    I can't wait to start meeting folks in here. This is going to be awesome!

  4. I am so impressed - this made me smile Nara. What an accomplishment!