Friday, May 3, 2013

Rejuv-i-lation. Is it a word? Is now.

We are the wordsmiths, the makers of words which form our reality, thus, I have made it a word. (Look at me getting all philosophical at 9:30 in the morning.)

Allow me to veer from my usual topic of books, movies, movies, books to talk about just books... and just one book... and on the heels of Alexa's fabulous post that reminds us all to take time to rejuvenate... one particular book that will be born post "Rejuv-i-lation Weekend".

I throw down the gauntlet. (I would never dream of throwing down a gauntlet in challenge to you. Your gauntlet would get all dirty, so no gauntlet throwing at you.) I'm throwing down the gauntlet at myself. You see, life here is crazy, as I am sure it is for everyone, but I'm suffering my own ridiculous brand of self-imposed crazy which entails family, homeschooling, home renovations, pressure to complete aforementioned home renovations by the end of the month, (self-imposed pressure), AND the pressure to complete another book on "schedule". Again, this is a self-imposed schedule. (Publish or Perish.)

So I hereby declare this weekend "Rejuv-i-lation Weekend"!!!

This is the weekend during which I house sit for a friend, locking myself into her lovely mountain top home, and I write a book, (actually, only half of a book), in FIVE DAYS!!!! Do what? Yes, you read that right. I propose completing a partially written book - to write a fresh 120 pages - join that to the existing 100 pages,  fix all the badness happening there in the saggy middle, and crank out this little yelpy puppy.

So there will be no books, movies, movies, books for me this weekend. There's just one book... and me... in a cabin atop a mountain... and one cat... and a book signing thrown in there in the middle....

If you'd like to get a feel for how "Rejuv-i-lation Weekend" is going, feel free to come by the booksigning at Cascades Library in Potomac Falls, VA. It's all going down this Saturday... and if you like, we can chat books, movies, movies, books... and rejuv-i-lation.


  1. GO! GO! GO! Count me in your cheering section, Sofie! Sounds like heaven and the upcoming W3 Writing Retreat shall henceforth be renamed the W3 Rejuvilation Weekend. I can't wait to hear how the booksigning went AND to get updates through the group loop on your progress. Please do. At the least, let us know how it ended up. Wait! Of course we KNOW how it will end up. ONE FINISHED BOOK!

    1. ACK!!! Now I've GOT to finish the book. 135 pages... taking a break to eat. Gotta drive down the mountain for that. It's a flippin' cloud bank here! I can see about 50 ft. in front of me - AND THAT'S IT!! Beauty.

  2. So far I've spent the weekend cleaning bathrooms and bedrooms. I'm not sure how the rejuvi-l-lation is going on this end of the state! :-) On the plus side, my tub will be clean for that meditating soak with the bath salts!

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  4. Hey there Sofie, I'm catching up on blogs this morning. I'm finally getting some time to myself today, hoping things in my life slow down a little. You are not alone the insanities that you, or life, places in your path. I'm right there with you.
    I hope it was wonderful

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