Friday, November 16, 2012

Is It All Downhill From Here? NaNoRoundup, Part Two

It's the middle of the month!

Well, it's close to the middle. That counts as the middle.

This weekend, we're checking in with our respective NaNoStatuses. Let's see how everyone's doing.

Alexa Day (JezBibi) is finishing 11/15 with 11,980 words. She had a slow start with a submission (and a synopsis -- who knew a synopsis went with it?), but if she can keep up 2400 words daily, she'll still finish this month. She's already finished one of the short stories in this year's NaNoProject -- the one about the heroine addressing her husband's complaint that she never wears anything he gives her. Another story, about a house party, is nearly done, and a third story is threatening to go novella on her. She's got a good feeling about this year.

Sofie Couch has come up on 11/16 with 23,066 words! Last night, she didn't meet her daily quota because a silly ol' BREAKING DAWN 2 premiere got in the way... and tonight another movie date is getting in the way... and tomorrow, a booksigning in Ashland, VA is getting in the way... and Sunday... Yeah, yeah, yeah. There are no valid excuses. Crack! She's on it!

Leah St. James would be embarrassed to admit that her total word count is in the neighborhood of  a measly 10% of our fearless leader's (Sofie Couch's) phenomenal word output, except that having raising two boys to adulthood (or thereabouts), she's beyond embarrassment. Truth be told, she's so UNcompetitive by nature, she half suspects that her lack of NaNo productivity is self-induced. She's still in it though, for as many words as she can spit out over the next 15 days. (Hey,do blogs count?!) :-)

Tracey Livesay started out really strong, exceeding her daily totals and sailing through the first 10 days of Nano with 15,163 words. Then she got the stomach flu, which she promptly passed on to every member of her family. Not much writing during that time. She still hopes to finish strong! ;-)

Tina Glasneck has fallen behind her goal, and although there could be many excuses for that- they don't count! HA! After pushing through and accomplishing over 5000 words in one day, things sort of got complicated (as life always does during the month of November). Yet, she continues to push forward one word at a time, still striving onward to reach her goal. Continue to cheer her on and know that she is really trying to finish the damn book! :)


  1. Distracted Denise Golinowski is finally chiming in with an admission of her own lackluster showing. UNTIL this week! Even with all the best laid plans, Life sometimes gets in the way. Final edits on her upcoming release, Collector's Item, had to be dealt with. Various regular commitments and the happy wedding of her son precluded any true dedication to her NaNo opus. Now, on Vacation for the week of Thanksgiving, Denise is at the keyboard and attempting to make up for lost time. So far so good with over 9,000 words added and more to come. Current count shows she's at the halfway mark. Fingers crossed!

  2. Hey - Elvy Howard didn't even try! I'm proud of all of you for even attempting NaNo. Great job everyone.