Monday, November 26, 2012

A Giving Season

It shouldn't be a seasonal thing, but it does seem that as we get to the end of November our thoughts turn to the holidays and with the holidays come memories. With memories our hearts open up just a little bit more and I think that's part of why the holidays seem to always foster a little more giving.

I'd like to challenge folks this year to add one extra thing to your list that is for absolutely no one you know. Just a small charitable donation to help others. If we all give a little - it really will add up to a lot.

~I hope you'll help me~

Now through December 1st you can donate as little as $10 and make a huge difference in support of the Life Rocks Foundation. They send type one diabetic kids to camp, support the Wounded Warrior Project, and so many other amazing charities, even pet adoption through a partnership with PetsMart. And this foundation is $1 in $1 out -- it all goes to help, no overhead.
Here's the link.

I've posted a donation, when you follow the link above to make your donation add an (N) after your name in the donation listing and send me an email at so I have your email address and we'll do this thing! I'll be drawing a copy of Sweet Tea and Secrets for every ten donations that get made by us. I even have some audio copies so if that's your preference include it in the email!  If you win I'll give you the option to have it autographed to whomever you'd like and I'll even wrap it up all pretty for you, too.

Oh! And for all you gals that have Virginia connections like me (I was born and raised here!) the guys in the Bret Michaels Band are all from Virginia. So, let's show our southern Virginia is for Lovers giving side and support them in their efforts.

I'll post the winners on my facebook page by Monday December 3rd so I have plenty of time to get the winners their prize in time for holiday gift giving -- but every single one of us that donates will already be a winner by putting smiles on faces in the most special way.

My next post won't be until New Years Eve -- so let me say to all of you now - thanks for giving and...
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays however you spend them.

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  1. Great message, Nancy. Thanks for the reminder of what's important.