Monday, October 29, 2012


Autumn is full of amazing things. There's nothing I enjoy more than watching the landscape out my back window turn from full, lush green to a mottled mixture of gold, reds, and auburns. The treeline seems to transform into a shimmering range of colors you can't even find in the big box of crayons.

I think most of y'all know that I live on a working goat farm and this is when we start our second round of kidding for the year. Just the other day we had our first set of twins - an adorable buck and a doe. Here's a picture of the FFA and 4H stockman that will be helping take care of our farm while we vacation in Vegas for the big PBR finals this week - holding the twins. Aren't they Awwww-dorable? We still haven't named them so make your suggestions!! With hundred of goats on the farm it gets harder and harder to name them all. The buck is the one on the right with the white blaze down his nose.The little doe has an all red head.

The other Awwww-some thing about October that I love-love-love is pumpkins. Did you carve a pumpkin and roast pumpkin seeds? If not, you've still got time to weave this memorable moment into your week. No matter if you decide to carve a scary, spooky, funny, or goofy face into your pumpkin - it's all about the project. This year instead of carving a face...I scooped just a few seeds out and then tucked flowers into the top. The pulp keeps the stems watered and the flowers have looked fresh all month. Lots of fun and an easy quick centerpiece. I just used what was blooming in my front flowerbeds. Mums, daisies, sweet williams and some herbs to make it smell extra wonderful.

Wishing all you an Awwww-some Awwww-tumn full of amazing moments. 


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  1. How come I'm just learning that that baby goats are called doe and buck? Or is that what they're called at any age? (You can tell my goat knowledge is a bit limited!) Love your pumpkin-planter idea! Thank you!

  2. Hi, Nancy! Congrats on the new additions. I have enough trouble naming my character, I can't imagine having to name a whole herd of goats and their offspring. Well, I can, actually and it makes my head spin. How about Tabitha and Toby? Tabitha for one of my favorite little TV witches and Toby as a play on October. Hmm, see what I mean. Anyway, there's my two offerings. BTW, love the pumpkin centerpiece!

  3. The goats are so cute. I was going to try to get in on the naming, but I LOVE Denise's names, so I vote Tabitha and Toby.

  4. Loooove the babies! How about "Buck Owens and Doe-Lee Parton"... although those names may be taken. :)

  5. Oh how sweet. They are completely adorable!

    This year we carved a witch into our pumpkin and then I made home made pumpkin pie. It was worth all the work!

    Congrats on your new book!