Monday, July 30, 2012


Happy last summer Monday of July friends.
Nancy Naigle here and I'll be joining you the last Monday of every month from my farm here in southern Virginia. We raise goats here on Holland Farm which is located not but about 20 minutes from the Carolina line off I95. Thanks for joining me today.

I love summer and as a kid I loved summer vacations. Here in southern Virginia my family spent a lot of time on the beach, sunning, crabbing, and enjoying the outdoors. As we hit those middle grade years we did the Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion trips. How did we survive the heat? I don't do it so well these days. Well, beach days are over for me. Aside from the fact that I can't stand the thought of shopping for a swimsuit, I swear it's hotter now than it used to be. My momma is a redhead so you can imagine how well I tan -- yeah, I don't. I get burnt slap up while my husband turns as brown as piece of jerky. It's just not fair.

One thing that I do still love about summer is getting together for picnics and cookouts. Okay, cookout and eat-in. Isn't it cool when you get to the point where everyone has their specialty so you barely have to suggest who is bringing what -- everyone already knows. My step-children hit that level this year. Michelle brings watergate salad and Michael surprised us with his homemade potato salad at our last get together. Both were perfect. I guess that was their final step into adulthood. :) We'll be celebrating Michael's 30th birthday in August. Seems like not that long ago he was learning to my heart racing....gulp!

Summer tip: When the temperatures are scorching I try to make ice cubes out of whatever beverage I'm serving, too. It helps keep folks with a cool drink in hand that stays fresh to the last drop. There's nothing worse than watered down sweet tea!
Here's the link to Pearl's famous sweet tea from my novel Sweet Tea and Secrets~

Here's to summer vacation memories and making new ones that are just as wonderful.
Hugs and happy summer~


  1. Hi Nancy! Enjoyed your post. I feel your pain about sunburn. However, I USED to tan so easily when I was a kid. Now, what with a full-on indoor job, I guess my skin is out of practice. LOL. Thoroughly enjoyed the peek into your summer and I'll be making some of that fine iced tea real soon!

  2. Hi, Nancy - Just getting a chance to read this! Great summertime memories that remind me in some ways of my own childhood summers, way up in New Jersey. I share, too, your hesitation to hit the beach these days...for a multitude of reasons. :-) I'd been meaning to try that recipe for tea from Sweet Tea & Secrets -- thanks for the reminder!